Our Story...

Fan.supply has been built by a team of apparel and merchandise experts with over 30 years of combined experience in production, sourcing, and logistics. Rooted in aesthetic appeal, functionality and efficiency while producing for major apparel brands, retailers, and entertainment companies such as Live Nation, Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney, Urban Outfitters, Billabong, Vans, and many more.

As the silent partner and production engine behind many of the major retailers and merchandise companies currently servicing the entertainment industry, we came to see significant opportunities for improvement in a relatively antiquated process.

Today, more than ever before, consumer demands and emerging trends require immediate execution, faster delivery, and direct to consumer distribution, while simultaneously providing a higher level of design, fit and style.

Our process eliminates the risks of producing in bulk, sitting on inventory, and selling via traditional retail channels, which typically offer minimal royalties. By working directly with artists, influencers and brands, Fan.Supply, is able to cut out the middleman. With this approach we are able to more effectively convey a desired message, look, aesthetic, and design in less time, with less risk. And we do this while providing significantly higher royalties to those who deserve it.

We believe in artists. We know that they are their own most powerful marketing tool. We believe in empowering artists to take ownership of their merchandise program by leveraging the power of their social reach to drive sales and consumer engagement. Enhanced by our online marketing tools and our E-Commerce software, Fan.Supply allows for direct to consumer engagement and instant sales.  

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